The Art of Sound in San Diego
The Art of Sound in San Diego

On August 25th 2012, I played a small part in the event entitled “The Art of Sound in San Diego” at the newly non-profit Space 4 Art. I was invited by one of Space for Art’s residents and UCSD Music Department doctoral candidate Chris Warren to volunteer. At this event I mixed sound for the installations inside the venue’s gallery including Jason Ponce‘s Primal Screen,  a video piece from Berglind Tómasdóttir and Christian Kjeldsen’s Collided Collapse among others. Managing a set time schedule around the event’s “pop-up performances” proved to be a difficult yet rewarding task. Each piece had a unique set of technology that was required, from iPad to make-shift video booths to Wii remotes. In the end the experience was one of the most valued and inspiring I have yet to be a part of.



Union Tribune article on The Art of Sound in San Diego

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