Potty Mouth

Potty Mouth uses a simple python script and scraperwiki.com to scrape twitter for a particular curse word. This scraped text is then converted to audio via a text to speech conversion software. The piece explores the contrast between what people write somewhat anonymously on the internet compared to being spoken aloud. The first run of Potty Mouth… Continue reading Potty Mouth

Sound Reel — Marcus D’Camp

Above is a small selection of audio that represents a range of projects I have worked on in the ICAM Music program at UCSD. Tracklisting: Grocery Store – Sound Design – Music 173 Spring 2012 with Chris Warren Exterior/Interior Home – Sound Design – Music 173 Spring 2012 with Chris Warren Falling in Slow Motion –… Continue reading Sound Reel — Marcus D’Camp

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Page Phase

In 2012, I created a tribute of sorts to Steve Reich’s piece Piano Phase. My version Page Phase used the Web Audio API and Processing.js for the visual element. the page plays two looping pianos at different speeds. The result is an example of phasing where to the listener many mutations of rhythm become apparent as… Continue reading Page Phase